Musicians Reviews

Thank you very much!!!! It is amazing instrument! Both the sound and the setup….
Ariel D.
Very nice guitar, very rich sound, a richness which old guitars lost a bit. My wife likes it as well.  More then my Petitjean,  it is louder and that’s also good for concerts. The more I play it the more I discover its capacities. The topwood is such a high quality and beautiful!
Herman Vandecauter
Guitar arrived safe and sound yesterday.  Thank you!  It’s a beauty and I’m very pleased! Wonderful guitar!
Michael Wright
Philadelphia, PA, USA
The guitar arrived early this morning in perfect condition! What a joy to open the parcel. I almost hugged the Fedex man (I hardly every hug unknown delivery people). It is a real work of art; such a delicacy. Congratulations on your great work!!!
Francisco Javier Jauregui Narvaez
Madrid, Spain
Just wanted to say that which is probably very obvious – I love this
Tremblay-Stauffer-Legnani 8-string! It’s my favourite guitar, and the
perfect companion for my exploration of the music of the 19th century. It is
possibly the easiest guitar I’ve had to play, records well, and is musically
very stimulating. I appreciate your work and generosity in equal measure.
Many thanks.
Rob MacKillop
Edinburgh, Scotland
Hi Scot:
The guitar arrived safe and sound this afternoon about an hour ago and I’m having trouble putting it down! It looks and sounds wonderful! It has a beautiful warm and mellow tone with amazing  resonance, and it is very easy to play. I can’t wait to try out my repertoire and show the guitar to others. You are a remarkable luthier, thank you so much for your beautiful work.
I’ll let you know what people have to say and be sure to recommend you whenever I can.
George Lindquist
Hi, Scot,
I’ve had my new Stauffer-Legnani model guitar for a few weeks now, and I’m really happy with it. The sound is outstanding, with a lot of even volume from the trebles down to the basses. The tone is round and pure without any sharp edges — ideal for the kinds of pieces I enjoy playing. The guitar gives me a real sense of the layering of the melodic lines and harmonic accompaniment without feeling overwhelmed by the basses (which tends to happen with my other instrument). As for the aesthetics of the guitar, the quilted maple back looks amazing, and I’m very glad I went with the Rodgers tuners and slipper headstock. When taken together with the elegant rosette and the spruce top, these options make for a guitar that looks beautifully ornate without being ostentatious. I’ve played through the Giuliani etudes and a couple other collections of his shorter pieces, as well as some Sor, Legnani, Carcassi, Coste and Mertz. Everything fits really comfortably beneath my fingers — probably a result of the shorter scale length — and sounds like it was meant to be played on this model of guitar. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
Stephen L.
Beverly Hills, CA