Professional Instruments

Below you will find a list of the more popular styles I am asked to build and a few variations available. Other models are available, further information upon request. The present list will be updated as I examine originals, make detailed plans and fashion replicas of them.

For a price quote, the various options available and/or further information, please email.

A Canadian made hard shell case is supplied with each instrument, however, custom fitted cases are available by special order.

1.      Louis Panormo, London, 1819-1845  
-French style, ‘Panormo Fecit”/Pegs, Ca. 1826                                          
Spanish style/mechanical tuners, Ca. 1834                                     
2.      Rene F. Lacote, Paris, 1820-1860  
-6-string/Pegs or Period style mechanical tuners                                                                                        
-7-string/Pegs or Reproduction mechanical tuners                    
-10-string “Decachord” (2 Styles) /Pegs                         
3.      Johann G. Stauffer, Vienna, Ca. 1778 – After 1851     
-6-string/‘Legnani’ model/  Pegs or Mechanical tuners                                                                          
-7, 8 or 9-string/‘Legnani’ model/ Pegs                    
Terz/tertz/‘Legnani’ model/ Pegs or Mechanical tuners                                                                         
4.     Josef and Juan Pages, Cadiz, 1790-1830                       
-6-string/6-course/flush fingerboard/ Pegs                                             
5.      Gennaro Fabricatore, Naples, 1810-1845 
-6-string/flush fingerboard/Pegs
-6 string terz/flush fingerboard/Pegs                                      
6.      Aubry-Maire, Mirecourt, Ca. 1840                               
-6-string/Pegs or Period style Mechanical tuners                    
-7 or 8 string/Pegs or  Period style mechanical tuners
 7.      Humel, France, Ca. 1825  
-6 string scalloped fingerboard/Pegs or mechanical tuners
8.    Ludwig Reisinger, late 19th early 20th century 
-6 strings, adjustable neck, floating fingerboard. Other string configurations available
9.     Johann Gottfried Scherzer, 1861                                         
10 – 15 strings