•  How I make the knot in the end of the strings at the bridge?

The knot in the end of the string is necessary to keep the string in place as it is held by the bridge pin. This knot is called a stopper knot and there are a few different variations. Following is my favorite.

A Lay your string out in a straight line.

B Make a single loop about 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the end.

C Loop the short end back over the string up from the first loop.

D Loop the short end under staying up from the first loop.

E Thread the end through the two loops.

F Pull the long end and short end of the string away from each other to tighten the knot.

G Pull tight keeping knot neat, trim short end if necessary.

Insert knotted end into bridge string hole, insert bridge pin snugly, not too tight, pull string gently out to lock against top and bridge pin, tune up and play!

NOTE: For the low E bass string and lower (8 – 10+ string instruments) it is only necessary to put a single overhand knot (a single loop)  in the end of the string. A full stopper knot as outlined above will often be too bulky to insert into the bridge string holes.