Updated for 2011-2012 
All instruments are made with attention to detail, superior materials and excellent playability. The intent is to supply a superior instrument for the discerning player at a reasonable cost.
 These instruments will include but not be limited to materials from the following:
Back and sides: Figured maple, Walnut and Various Fruitwoods. Various Rosewoods are available at an additional cost.
Top: Engelmann Spruce, German Spruce available at an additional cost.
Neck and Headstock: Spanish cedar/mahogany or ebonised maple.  Some headstocks will be of maple as is appropriate to the original instrument. A veneered neck is available at an additional cost.
Fingerboard and bridge: Ebony.                                           
Tuners: Pegs: Handmade boxwood. Rosewood or ebony pegs are available at additional cost.                                                         
Mechanical Pegs: Enquire.                                                       
Mechanical: Period Style Premium Tuners. Hand made period reproduction tuners available at an additional cost.           
Decoration and Inlay: The essential amount of inlay and decoration is utilized to maintain the visual character of the original instrument. Further inlay as appropriate to the original instrument is available.                                                                                           
Finish: May be French polish, wax, hard oil, oil varnish or a combination as appropriate to the original instrument.                     
Hard Shell Case: Canadian made hard shell case supplied with the instrument. (Various travel cases available at an additional cost

Strings: Appropriate tension synthetic or gut string.

Professional Instruments

Available instruments